You can browse and purchase First Nations Art and Craft in many ways in many different mediums and forms, engage in our traditional culture and find ways to be involved.

First Nations Art and Craft

Explore First Nations artist and artwork from many different countries, through their connections to Culture, Spirit and Country, through visual story telling in different mediums and forms.


Commissioned Artworks

WRLC Arts takes commissions for artworks in different mediums such as Digital, Acrylic, Craft, Murals, Workshops and so much more! to find out more on these services, head over to contact for all enquiries. You can also view previous projects and commissions through the Portfolio | Articles page.


Traditional Smoking Ceremonies

WRLC Arts offers Traditional Smoking Ceremonies. Traditional Smoking Ceremony is using a combination of Native Leaves to rid of bad energy and to bring in the good energy. for more information of this service head over to contact.


Cultural Consultations

Cultural Consultations is another service provided by WRLC Arts, each consultation will vary on the need and may also be a referral to a direct custodian of the country that requires this service, to make an enquiry head over to contact for more information.


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