South Rock State School House Logos

I was commissioned by South Rock State School to develop and create their 4-schoolhouse logos. Through the consultation process, South Rock State school requested very specific details to really capture the vision they were wanting for their school, some of the requests was story to specific elements of country and our cultural connections to these stories along the lines of very specific color codes that they will continue to use throughout the future to maintain the ongoing continuity of the visual integration within their school’s identity.

South Rock then partnered with UMS to use the artwork to incorporate into the schoolhouse t-shirts, through this process, South Rock State School communicated with me to ensure that they were capturing the essence of the artwork correctly and communicating the requirements with UMS.

Between the 3 working parties the outcome of the overall design of the T-shirts have been well produced, Both UMS and South Rock State School have done such an amazing job to really bring everything too life and it has been such a pleasure seeing all the kids take such an interest in the artwork and its stories and wearing them with such pride.

South Rock State School House Logos “Gahban | Nyunga | Jagun | Jaran.

Gahban- Rainforest, Nyunga- Sun, Jagun- Country, Jaran- fresh water.

UMS have been so inclusive in including my business logos onto the shirts in a continuing recognition of the creator of the artworks.

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