Beaudesert Child Safety Service Centre

I was recently approached by the Beaudesert Child Safety Service Centre to do a digital artwork to incorporate into their services for them to show their respects and acknowledgments to the Mununjali people’s and also to the children that travel from different parts of the country to reside on Mununjali Country.

Unyah Jarjum (our Children) speak of our responsibilities to care for and nurture our children.

This particular story was not the easiest to find within myself given the systemic impacts it has had on my peoples for some time now and the ongoing impacts it still imposes, so the process taught me to refocus the lens to look within and see things in a different perspective, to align with our cultural belief systems in how we raise our children and teach them along the journey but to also be inclusive to those children who don’t live with their families or reside on their country and how their growth now depends on us.

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