Mununjali Housing and Development Company Limited

Mununjali Jargun was the very beginning of my journey into the digital artwork, this piece was created while practicing the medium, when I showed General Manager Brad Currie the artwork, he asked if he could use that piece for the company. for those who live locally can see the artwork throughout the community, the artwork has been placed on many and nearly all surfaces from window fronts, car decals, clothing, digital signage and so much more that the company can be identified purely for their image.

Mununjali Jargun Artwork, creating the companies identity.

alongside with Mununjali Jargun is Mununjali Housing’s logo of Mibunn the wedge tail Eagle, one of Mununjali Totems in which I created some years ago, which commenced the next phase of the identity for the company in the transition of change and focused direction of the company’s future. Mununjali have served the artwork well with how they have displayed the work through the whole company.

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