Veresdale Scrub State School

Current artworks commissioned by Veresdale Scrub State School for the senior shirts and school staff shirts. Through the consultation with most schools that I have worked with, we discuss beyond more than the story behind the artwork, The best part is being able to create the artwork that will accommodate the school in using the colors the school already have in place as part of their school identity and building on top of that to extend the school’s identity with First nations people’s and our stories, it extends being inclusive and respectful to place, country, people and their connections.

Veresdale Scrub State School Art Project.

through some thought and visually seeing what other school have done in the past Veresdale Scrub State School have decided to continue this and to extend into their school’s sports house, in which will extend the project by including 2 more artworks telling the stories of each house, so keep an eye out as there are more to come.

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