Regional Arts Development Funding

Scenic Rim Regional Council

I recently applied for the RADF big grants ideas, to be able to develop this current website, the intent of the website is to create a platform not only for myself but also for the First Nations artists or creatives to promote and display their body of works, sharing our stories and journeys.

Arts Queensland is proud to partner with local government to support quality arts and cultural experiences across Queensland through the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF).

RADF promotes the role and value of arts, culture and heritage as key drivers of diverse and inclusive communities and strong regions. RADF invests in local arts and cultural priorities, as determined by local communities, across Queensland.

The video was created to promote RADF to encourage First Nations Peoples to apply and create opportunities for themselves.

I am aspired to inspire and encourage those to be brave, be bold and be yourself, by exploring endless possibilities of what you can do and achieve, I’m a firm believer in helping my people and being the role model to show them it is possible.

Video Credits to Trevor Worden.

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